Small Wind Certification Council

The Small Wind Certification Council (SWCC) develops and implements quality product certification programs for small and medium-sized wind turbines, and promotes the benefits and applications of wind technologies to the public in conjunction with renewable energy organizations, the distributed...


Aesthetic Power

Aesthetic Power is a new venture developing a family of capital efficient products called MOSAIC™ blending solar and wind power with the advertising industry.

ESPE logo


Founded in 1974, ESPE is one of the top five energy system integrators in Italy and a manufacturer of distributed wind turbines and other renewable energy technologies. With headquarters in Italy we are active worldwide with 500 operators, including...


Kingspan Wind

Kingspan Wind is a global market leader in the design and manufacture of small wind turbines. Our range of turbines are designed to last the course, having already surpassed over 25 years of successful operation around the globe including...


Hawk and Associates

With Hawks and Associates, our mission is to reduce energy operating costs while helping to preserve our earth’s resources. Our concept is holistic yet simple, create an environment that is as energy efficient as possible, then add renewable energy...


The American Corn Growers Foundation

The American Corn Growers Foundation is a nonprofit Foundation dedicated to meeting the needs of America’s agricultural producers, rural citizens and the U.S. economy through the development of educational and informational programs. Founded in 1987, The American Corn Growers...


Ambor Structures

Ambor Structures is a trusted provider of custom-made monopole towers and related structures for distributed wind energy and telecommunications industries worldwide. We’ve forged a reputation of reliability through quality manufacturing, dedicated customer service and matured industry know-how.


Argosy Wind Power

Argosy Wind Power™ is a global leader of wind turbine systems for Community Wind applications.  With over a decade of experience designing and manufacturing wind turbines, Argosy Wind Power’s™ team deploys innovative and advanced technologies which are ordinarily only...


Barber Wind Turbines

The BarberWind Turbines 800kW is designed to serve the mid-size wind market. It has been engineered to perfectly fit the needs of industrial parks and data centers, small communities, farms and ranches, water treatment plants, island nations, amusement parks,...


Bergey Windpower

Bergey Windpower is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of residential-sized wind turbines in the world. Thirty years ago Bergey pioneered the radically-simple “Bergey design” that has proven to provide the best reliability, performance, service life, and value of...

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