Distributed Wind Energy Association’s (DWEA) Mission

To promote and foster all aspects of the American distributed wind energy industry. Distributed wind is the use of wind turbines at homes, farm and ranches, businesses, public and industrial facilities, off-grid and other sites connected either physically or virtually on the customer side of the meter to offset all or a portion of local energy consumption or to support grid operations.

Join the Distributed Wind Energy Association to

  • Provide a unified voice for all members and sectors of the distributed wind industry
  • Develop federal, state and local policies that support the responsible expansion of the distributed wind energy market
  • Eliminate unwarranted barriers to the use of distributed wind energy
  • Develop and promote industry best practice policies and standards that will foster the safe and effective installation and operation of distributed wind systems
  • Participate in public and consumer education to increase awareness of distributed wind

Benefits to DWEA Members

  • Shape policies that favor Distributed Wind
  • Become an advocate for wind energy
  • Access to zoning tool box
  • Access to installer forum
  • Learn Industry Best Practices
  • Learn from success stories and case studies
  • Member Logo on web site
  • Receive action alerts
  • Develop long-term growth strategy
  • First choice for sponsorship and exhibition

DWEA Committees

Participate with your colleagues from across the country to promote positive change eliminate barriers and create opportunities. The most effective and useful way for members to participate at DWEA is to become involved at the committee level. Each committee is managed by co-chairs and populated by the membership base. Subcommittees are formed as needed and by member- ship recommendations.

  • Federal Policy
  • State Policy
  • Communications
  • Permitting & Zoning
  • Standards

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