John Pimentel
President and Co-Founder, Foundation WindPower LLC

John is President and co-founder of Foundation Windpower LLC, which builds, owns, and operates wind projects in distributed “behind-the-meter” generation formats. The company has 16 distributed wind turbines totaling 22 megawatts of generating capacity with more projects under development.

California has historically been a leader in renewable energy and wind energy in particular. But throughout its long history California had very little or no community wind installed. Then John and the Foundation WindPower team emerged on the scene. They have put together a “behind-the-meter” business model that works in spite of the way the state policy is written and implemented. They have 11 projects and have installed 16 commercial scale turbines. Windustry and the Community Wind Peer Committee applaud John and his team for their determination, creativity and financial acuity for developing a new approach for building community wind.