There are a number of abandoned wind turbines across the United States. These turbines are referred to as orphaned turbines. 

Some wind farmers hit hard times with the COVID-19 pandemic and couldn’t pay for repairs, so these turbines were left still and quiet. Others are legacy turbines that haven’t generated power in years — it’s far more cost effective to let turbines stand than pay to deconstruct and recycle them. 

These orphaned, desolate turbines don’t look great for the wind energy industry.

That’s why the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA) has created a new platform dedicated to bringing orphaned turbines back to life. 

A special DWEA Orphaned Turbine Committee has created a forum to connect people all over the nation to come together and breathe new life into orphaned wind turbines. On this forum, you can:

  • Connect with installation and maintenance knowledge
  • Speak with technicians
  • Buy/sell used components
  • Find spare parts
  • Interact with the pulse of the industry

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