Distributed Wind 2023 Agenda

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All events are at the Residence Inn Arlington Capital View (2850 South Potomac Avenue, Arlington, VA, 22202) unless otherwise noted.

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Distributed Wind 2023 Agenda

Monday, February 27

DW23 – DWEA Business Conference

Location: Residence Inn Arlington Capital View and Virtual

7:00a – 8:00a  Registration, Breakfast Buffet and Networking Opportunity

8:00a – 8:10a  Welcome and Opening Remarks, Mike Bergey, DWEA President

8:10a – 8:30a  Keynote Address – Xochitl Torres Small, Under Secretary for Rural Development, USDA

8:30a – 9:20a Leadership Panel: State of the Industry
Moderator:  Charles Newcomb, Hoss Consulting


  • Richard Legault, Eocycle Technologies, leading manufacturer of farm and commercial wind turbines
  • Ken Kotalik, Primus Wind Power, leading manufacturer of micro-turbines for remote power
  • Mike Bergey, Bergey Windpower, leading manufacturer of residential and farm wind turbines
  • Steve Sherr, Foundation Windpower, leading developer of large-scale behind-the-meter wind projects
  • Brett Pingree, Emergya Wind Technologies, leading manufacturer of mid-scale wind turbines

9:20a – 10:30a  DOE’s Distributed Wind Program Updates and New Projects
Over the last few years the US-DOE spending on distributed wind has increased substantially, in line with huge market potential revealed in recent studies, and this session provides insight into some of the newest national laboratory’s initiatives for distributed wind. These projects cover both technology and the new focus on deployment. Other national lab initiatives are covered in sessions on Tuesday. DWEA believes these US-DOE projects are critical building blocks towards achieving DWEA’s goal of 35 GW of distributed wind by 2035.
Moderator:  Patrick Gilman, Distributed Wind Program Manager, U.S. Department of energy (US-DOE)

  • Program Updates and Future Priorities – Patrick Gilman, US-DOE
  • Revisiting Community Wind – Mark Bolinger, Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory (LBNL)
  • National Distributed Wind Deployment Networks – Suzanne McDonald, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Recyclability for Distributed Wind Roadmap – Mitchell Rencheck, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
  • Wind Hybrid Integration Platform – Rachid Darbali-Zamora, Sandia National Laboratory (SNL)

10:30 – 10:50 Networking Break

10:50a – 12:00p  Lightning Round, Part 1 – Industry Products and Services
Moderator: Trudy Forsyth, Wind Advisors
Six 8-minute company pitches by members and non-members offering products or services, plus open Q&A. These short presentations provide a wealth of information on distributed wind companies and have been highly rated by past attendees.


  • XFlow Energy – Ian Brownstein, developing a 25 kW vertical-axis turbine
  • Siva Powers America – Padma Kasthurirangan, Indian manufacturer of 250 kW turbines – soon manufacturing in New York
  • Primus Wind Power – Ken Kotalik, manufacturer of best-selling micro-turbines for remote power applications
  • Windurance – Paul Rowan, manufacturer of 85 kW inverter for wind power applications
  • Eocycle Technologies – John Mogensen, Canadian manufacturer of 25 kW and 100 kW turbines
  • Ryse Energy – Richard Caldow, UK based manufacturer of 3 – 60 kW wind turbines

12:00p – 12:15  Windustry 2023 Community Wind Awards – presented by Lisa Daniels, Trudy Forsyth and Jim Duffy

12:15p-1:15p Networking Lunch (included in registration)

1:15p – 3:00p Federal Policy and Programs Update
Moderator: Steve Sherr, Foundation Windpower 

  • Inflation Reduction Act; What’s in it for Distributed Wind? – Jim Duffy, Nixon Peabody
  • Inflation Reduction Act; Treasury and IRS Implementation Rules – Jaron Goddard, Wilson, Sonsini
  • USDA Rural Energy for America Program; Latest Updates – Mark Brodziski, Deputy Administrator, Energy programs, USDA
  • EPA’s $27 Billion Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund – Jahi Wise, Senior Advisor to the Administrator and Acting Director for the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (invited)
  • The $1 Billion Rural or Remote Energy Improvement Funding Opportunity – Courtney Haynes, Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, US-DOE
  • DWEA’s 2023 Federal Policy Agenda – Lloyd Ritter, Green Capitol (DWEA’s Washington representative)

3:00p-3:20p Networking Break

3:20p – 4:55p Lightning Round, Part 2 – Industry Products and Services
Moderator:  Trudy Forsyth, Wind Advisors
Eight 8-minute company pitches by members and non-members offering products or services, plus open Q&A. These short presentations provide a wealth of information on distributed wind companies and have been highly rated by past attendees.


  • Wind Harvest – Kevin Wolf, developing a 50-75 kW vertical-axis wind turbine
  • RE Innovations – Joseph Spossey, consultancy specializing in wind turbine certifications
  • International Code Council (ICC) – Shawn Martin, publishes the International Building Code and certifies small wind systems
  • ESPE Srl – Matteo Vecchiato, Italian manufacturer of 50-100 kW turbines
  • Pecos Wind Power – Josh Groleau, developing an 80 kW wind turbine
  • Sonsight Wind – Devon McIntosh, developing a 3.5 kW wind turbine
  • Intergrid – Dr. Robert Wills, developers of 25 kW and 85 kW inverters for distributed wind
  • Bergey Windpower – Mike Bergey, manufacturer of 10 kW and 15 kW wind turbines

4:55p  Closing Comments for Day 1, Mike Bergey, DWEA President

5:00p Adjourn

5:15 – 7:30p  Happy Hour – cash bar
SOCCi Italian Restaurant, Renaissance Arlington Capital View (adjacent to Residence Inn)

Tuesday, February 28

DW23 – DWEA Business Conference (Day 2)

Location: Residence Inn Arlington Capital View and Virtual

On Tuesday REPowering Schools will be hosting a parallel workshop for college engineering students and their faculty advisors participating in the FEDEX Small Wind Research program.  The participating schools are Appalachian State University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Rutgers University, Tidewater Community College, Donnelly College, Northern Oklahoma College, Santa Fe Community College, and the University of the West Indies. Posters for each of the projects will displayed in the DWEA meeting room and there will be a “meet and greet” set-up with the students at the Tuesday evening reception, where distributed wind companies may find candidates for internships or employment

7:00a – 8:00a  Registration, Breakfast Buffet and Networking Opportunity

8:00a – 8:05a  Welcome and Opening Remarks, Mike Bergey, DWEA President

8:05a – 9:25a Federal Policy and Programs Update, Session 2
Moderator:  Dan Clunies, Harmony/TPTM

  • DWEA at Work; Stories from the Road to the Inflation Reduction Act – Lloyd Ritter, Green Capitol
  • You Asked Us! – DWEA’s Recommendations to the IRS, USDA, US-DOE and EPA on Implementing the Infrastructure Bill (IIJA) and the Inflation Reduction Act – Mike Bergey, DWEA President
  • DOE’s Title 17 Innovative Clean Energy Loan Guarantee Program; Can it Work for Distributed Wind? – Mark Higgins, Deputy Director, Technical Project Management Division, DOE Loan Programs Office
  • Recommendations for Preparing REAP Applications – Gary Pereira, Energy Coordinator, USDA Rural Development, New York [virtual]

9:25a – 10:35a Distributed Wind Market Issues
Moderator:  Shawn Martin, International Code Council

  • European Responses to the Inflation Reduction Act – Stefan Gsanger, Secretary General, World Wind Energy Association [virtual]
  • Permitting and Zoning Issues for Distributed Wind – Heather Rhoads, eFormative Options
  • Interconnection Issues for Distributed Wind – Padma Kasthurirangan, Buffalo Renewables
  • Navigating the Standards and Certification Minefield for Distributed Wind – Joe Spossey, RE Innovations

10:35a – 10:50a  Networking Break

10:50a – 12:10p Technology & Project Development Advances in Distributed Wind
This session provides further information on innovative and valuable work on distributed wind being conducted at US-DOE national labs. This session and Monday’s DOE session will help prepare attendees for the national laboratory’s feedback session on Tuesday afternoon.
Moderator: Heidi Tinnesand, NREL

  • Grand challenges for Small Wind; Results of the European Academy Study – Brent Summerville, NREL
  • Hybrid Systems, Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Power-to-X for Distributed Wind Technologies – Caity Clark, NREL
  • Technologies Enabling Manufacturing Scale-up – Peter Wang, ORNL
  • Novel Approaches for Wind Resource Validation – Lindsay Sheridan, PNNL
  • Advancing Distributed Wind Energy Valuation – Sarah Barrows, PNNL

12:10p Conference Closing Comments, Mike Bergey, DWEA President

12:15p Adjourn

12:15-1:30p Networking Lunch (included in registration)

National Laboratory – Industry Discussions

US-DOE has funded a number of new and extended national laboratory projects that aim to accelerate the deployment of distributed wind and improve the industry’s technology. These next two sessions expand on the information presented in US-DOE’s session on Monday and provide for additional discussion and feedback. DWEA’s input has helped shape these projects and we believe they will provide both near term and long term benefits to the industry. We encourage all industry members and those interested in the future of distributed wind to attend. In-person and virtual attendance is free, but registration is required. See top of the page for a link.

Residence Inn Arlington Capital View

1:30p – 3:00p Part 1: Part 1: Certification and Integration R&D
Moderator: Alice Orrell, PNNL

  • NREL Distributed Wind Research Platform and Distributed Integrated Energy Laboratory – Bret Barker, US-DOE
  • Distributed Wind Aeroelastic Modeling (dWAM) – Brent Summerville, NREL
  • Advancing Wind Hybrid Controls – Miguel Jimenez Aparicio, SNL
  • Approaches for Accelerating Power Converter Certification – Rachid Darbali-Zamora, SNL
  • Competitive Improvement Project (CIP) – Brent Summerville, NREL
  • Facilitated discussion on technology R&D needs

3:00p – 3:20p Networking Break

3:20p – 5:00p Part 2: Accelerating Deployment through Stakeholder Engagement
Moderator: Heidi Tinnesand, NREL

  • Distributed Wind Market Modeling to Inform Strategic Deployment Decisions – Kevin McCabe, NREL
  • Interconnection Innovation Exchange (i2X) – Tom McDermott, PNNL
  • Tools Assessing Performance (TAP) 2.0 – Dmitry Duplyakin, NREL
  • On-Site Wind for Rural Load Centers – Megan Culler, INL
  • Energy I-Corps: Commercializing the Distributed Wind Tool Kit – Anthony Teixeira, NREL
  • Facilitated discussion on deployment acceleration challenges and opportunities

5:00p Adjourn

5:00 – 7:30p  Happy Hour, Conference Meeting Rooms – cash bar
Featuring REPowering Schools student teams and their project posters

Wednesday, March 1

DWEA Lobby Day

Location: Residence Inn Arlington Capital View and Capitol Hill

Note:  After a successful virtual Lobby Day in 2022, DWEA will offer a hybrid approach in 2023 to include both in-person and virtual meetings on Capitol Hill and with Administration offices. Participant need not be in Washington. If attending in-person please bring a computer (preferred) or a smart phone to allow participation in on-line meetings. Foreign DW23 attendees are welcome to participate. All participants must register. See registration link at the top of the page.

7:30a – 8:00a  Registration & Coffee

8:00a – 8:30a  Policy Briefing & “Lobbying 101”

9:00a – 12:00p  Congressional and Administration Meetings (in 30 min. blocks)

12:00p – 1:00p   Lunch Break

1:00p – 4:30p  Congressional and Administration Meetings (in 30 min. blocks)

4:30p – 5:30p  DWEA Private Reception [Location will be near Capitol Hill], cash bar

Thank you to our Distributed Wind 2023 Sponsors

Thursday & Friday, March 2nd-3rd

IEC 61400-2 International Standards Meeting

The international standard for the certification of small wind turbines, IEC 61400-2 is being updated for a new version to be released in 2025. This meeting will convene members of the IEC MT2 committee from around the world for in-person and virtual discussions on technical matters related to the standard. The session will ne hosted by NREL and will be an all-day affair. Non-members of the MT2 committee can attend as observers. Brent Summerville, NREL Distributed Wind Program, leads the MT2 committee.

Hosted by NREL
Residence Inn Arlington Capital View
All day Thursday and till 3:00 PM on Friday.