New legislation extends expired all important clean energy tax provisions including the distributed wind Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Congress continued to move forward on extending vital clean energy tax provisions that expired earlier this year, which includes the Investment Tax Credit for distributed wind.

“I continue to be impressed with Representative Blumenauer’s leadership in support of our industry,” said Jennifer Jenkins, Executive Director of the Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA).  “A renewed ITC will provide business certainty to the community and distributed wind segments of the wind industry that are generally unable to utilize the PTC. This incentive enables them to continue to drive economic development across farms, schools, business, and communities across the country. Distributed wind projects are present in all 50 states, providing clean, homegrown, affordable power; helping to keep the lights on and Americans at work. In order for this industry to continue to grow and expand we urge swift passage of the ITC when Congress returns from recess.”

The bill was introduced with 17 co-sponsors who should also be applauded for their leadership:

Rep Davis, Danny K. [D-IL-7]
Rep Kind, Ron [D-WI-3]
Rep Langevin, James R. [D-RI-2]
Rep Larson, John B. [D-CT-1]
Rep Lee, Barbara [D-CA-13]
Rep Levin, Sander M. [D-MI-9]
Rep Lewis, John [D-GA-5]
Rep Loebsack, David [D-IA-2]
Rep McDermott, Jim [D-WA-7]
Rep Moran, James P. [D-VA-8]
Rep Neal, Richard E. [D-MA-1]
Rep Pascrell, Bill, Jr. [D-NJ-9]
Rep Rangel, Charles B. [D-NY-13]
Rep Ryan, Tim [D-OH-13]
Rep Sanchez, Linda T. [D-CA-38]
Rep Schwartz, Allyson Y. [D-PA-13]
Rep Thompson, Mike [D-CA-5]


About the Distributed Wind Energy Association
The Distributed Wind Energy Association is a collaborative group comprised of manufacturers, distributors, project developers, dealers, installers, and advocates, whose primary mission is to promote and foster all aspects of the American distributed wind energy industry. Distributed wind is the use of wind turbines at homes, farm and ranches, businesses, public and industrial facilities, off-grid and other sites connected either physically or virtually on the customer side of the meter to offset all or a portion of local energy consumption or to support grid operations. DWEA seeks to represent members and associates from all sectors with relevant interests pertaining to the distributed wind industry. For more information on DWEA, please go to Follow us on Twitter @DWEA and like us on Facebook