The winds of change are blowing through D.C. – DWEA is working hard to secure funding during the fiscal year 2022 federal appropriations process and capture that same energy to build support for distributed and community wind. Our FY 2022 appropriations sign-on letter will be soon submitted to the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate Appropriations Committees. If you represent an organization or business that supports local clean energy – add your logo and make your voice heard!

RENEWALS: click through this short form if no changes from last year

Individuals: You can help too! Share this post far and wide, add your email to our contact list, and if you’re feeling inspired, even reach out to some organizations and companies you think could support the letter – personal requests work best!

We’re especially looking for support in key states including: OH, VT, MT, IA, MN, CA, WA, WI, OR, AK

^^^And see over 190 current supporters!

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