Asad Esmaeily
Kansas State University

Dr. Esmaeily is a professor of Structural Engineering at the Kansas State University civil engineering department. He holds a Ph.D. and MS in Structural Engineering and MS in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California (USC).

Dr. Esmaeily has taught 14 different undergraduate and graduate courses like Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Advanced Theory of Reinforced Concrete, Structural Dynamics, Structural Analysis, and Design of Structures under Dynamic Loads.

His research interests include a wide range of topics within the structural area, especially structural dynamics and earthquake resistant structures. At KSU, he has been involved in research programs related to reinforced concrete structures, such as Post Tensioning Inverted T Girders, Time-dependent properties of SCC, Confined Concrete Models and behavior, Seismic Response of Bridge Piers under Various Loading Scenarios, Thermal Effects on Integral Bridges, and Optimal Algorithms for Structural Damage Detection. He has developed a number of computer applications widely used by educational, private and public institutes.

Dr. Esmaeily is a Professional Engineer (PE) at the State of California. He is an active/voting member of several professional societies such as ASCE, ACI, ASEE, EMI, and technical committees like ASCE-ACI Committee 441 and ASCE Experimental Analysis and Instrumentation (EA & I) Committee for which he has served as chair, co-chair and control group member for several years. He is the associate editor of the ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering since 2008, and served as the guest editor for the ASCE Journal of Engineering Mechanics special issue of innovative experimental methods in damage detection and wind engineering.