The association aims to contribute to the promotion and use of micro and mini wind energy source in a balanced relationship between settlements and nature.  It promotes research and technological development, for use of the wind resource and energy efficiency.
Assieme is committed to collect, process and disseminate data and all relevant information to the knowledge of the problems related to the source of micro and mini wind through the mass media and other means of dissemination, including publications for third parties that are not in contrast with the social aim.
We are committed, also, by all the actions described above, to highlight the environmental value of the production of electricity from wind power in the energy savings and the reduction of pollutants responsible for the deterioration of both local and global. It is also committed to maintain relations with the public institutions in order to represent the needs in these locations within the ‘and its associates.  It is committed to promoting cultural exchanges and technical issues between the partners.  Assieme engages in the creation of a standard for the evaluation of micro and mini wind generators