Dr. John Muth
NC State University

Dr. John Muth, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NC State University has research interests in wide band gap semiconductors, the optical characterization of novel materials, and photonic devices. With wide band gap semiconductors he is especially interested in how the high excitionic binding energy of GaN and ZnO alloys can be exploited for efficient light emitters and ultraviolet photodetectors. Recent work has shown that MgZnO is a very efficient light emitter and may have high potential as an optoelectronic material. Presently he is also investigating the optical properties of nanoparticles produced by pulsed laser ablation. By changing the surrounding matrix of the particles and the size of the particles he is able to investigate the plasmon resonance in metal particles and quantum confinement effects in semiconductor nanoparticles. Dr. Muth is an also an active user of the NCSU microfabrication facility where he has fabricated LEDs and ultraviolet diode arrays. He is also investigating high index waveguides for optical communication applications.