Department of Energy’s 2013 Distributed Wind Market report highlights American manufacturing success story

“The Distributed Wind Market Report issued today by the Department of Energy underscores what a true American small business success story this industry is and the market is on track to outpace last year’s deployments by a significant margin. This is a true homegrown industry that is generating clean, affordable electricity across all 50 states, while keeping the lights on and Americans at work. It’s important to realize that the vast majority of distributed wind turbines installed in 2013 were built right here in the United States. The U.S. distributed wind energy supply chain is made up of hundreds of manufacturing facilities and vendors spread across the country — supporting jobs in manufacturing, retail, construction and maintenance. This is a critical time for our industry.  In order to see continued and expanded growth of domestic wind manufacturing and related markets at home and abroad it’s imperative that Congress soon pass an ITC extension and make other important renewable energy investments.  These actions will provide the stability that the wind markets need to thrive. New wind leasing and other financing models in combination with improved federal and state policies could increase distributed wind’s competitiveness and market potential to nearly 80 GW by 2025.”


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