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Contact: Matteo Vecchiato
Via Dell Artigianato 6 Grantorto 35010 Italy Work Phone: +39 049-945-5033 Website:
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Founded in 1974, ESPE is one of the top five energy system integrators in Italy and a manufacturer of distributed wind turbines and other renewable energy technologies.

With headquarters in Italy we are active worldwide with 500 operators, including employees and peripheral staff in 12 locations, contributing every day in making ESPE an industrial competitive group on a global scale.

Packaging the technology of a large wind turbine into a smaller turbine generator is a real technological challenge. This was the starting point for ESPE to produce the FX range, the latest generation of wind turbine generators entirely developed and produced by ESPE in Italy. As we all know the wind is not a constant: manufacturing a machine that reacts instantaneously to the abrupt and unpredictable variations in wind speed and direction, which begins to produce electricity even with weak winds, but capable of staying active even with very strong winds before going into safety conditions and, first and foremost, able to maintain a constant output power, were the most demanding challenges that ESPE faced and overcame.

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