Service Provider

When planning out a distributed wind energy project it is important to identify a service provider(s). These will be the people who may provide advice on zoning and permitting requirements, will install the wind turbine system and do the preliminary interconnection work, and will maintain the wind energy system over its lifetime. Service providers may have very long-term business relationships with the customer or user of the wind energy system.

Many service providers work with specific wind turbine models, some in an on-grid and others in an off-grid installation, and they may work regionally or nationally. Several service providers’ templates showing contact information and general business information about their businesses are provided below.  The service providers listed below are members of the DWEA Service Provider Committee.

        • Bruce Hatchett, Energy Options, California
        • Kevin Beers, WyCO Wind and Solar, Wyoming
        • Todd Hammen, Iowa Energy Alternatives, Iowa

Are you a Service Provider in the Wind Industry?