DWEA Membership Levels

Membership provides opportunities to cooperate with distributed and community wind colleagues in achieving DWEA’s mission to advance the distributed wind market through collaboration and advocacy with a broad and diverse network of partners including; manufacturers, project developers, dealers, installers, regional supporters, service providers, and more.

DWEA member benefits range from a continuous Federal presence in Washington, DC that advocates for an extension of the Investment Tax Credit, increased support from the Department of Energy, and increased funding for the Rural Energy for America Program, among many other initiatives. Membership dues also contribute to a State Policy program that targets opportunities in key states to protect, create, or expand existing programs for distributed and community wind.

Other benefits to membership include: networking with industry leaders, discounted registration to both DWEA and partner events, receive current market strategy and development updates, free webinars, and support for common industry barriers such as permitting and zoning, and access to best practice documents and industry reports.

Category Membership Criteria Annual Dues Monthly ACH*
Corporate 1 Under $1 million $2,400.00 $200.00
Corporate 2 $1 – $5 million $6,000.00 $500.00
Corporate 3 Over $5 million $18,000.00 $1,500.00
Supporter 1 Under $500,000 $600.00 $50.00
Supporter 2 $500,000 – $1 million $2,400.00 $200.00
Supporter 3 Over $1 million $4,800.00 $400.00
Associate $480 $40
Advocate/Academic/Non-profit/Govt $480 $40
Installer* $240 – $960 $20 – $80

*Please Contact info@distributedwind.org to find out more about Monthly ACH terms or for further questions


DWEA offers Corporate membership based on a general support for the market growth of distributed and community wind within the US and Canadian market. Corporate membership is ideal for manufacturers, distributors, project developers, and companies that have distributed or community wind installations on their site or an overall level of support for the industry as a whole.


DWEA offers Supporter membership to all individuals or organizations that have an interest in participating in the growth of the distributed wind industry. This membership level is ideal for dealers, installers, vendors, and consultants.


DWEA offers an Advocate membership for individuals or organizations interested in supporting DWEA and its mission to advance the distributed wind industry. This membership level is for those dedicated to the distributed and community wind industry and may include education institutions, professors, department heads, and nonprofits supporting distributed wind, ranging from state and local groups, coalition partners, and advocacy-focused groups.


DWEA offers an Installer membership for individuals interested in supporting DWEA and its mission to advance the distributed wind industry. This membership level is exclusively for individuals dedicated to the installation and maintenance of distributed wind turbines.