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Model Zoning Ordinances

DWEA has developed a set of model ordinances to assist in creating zoning consistencies for distributed wind turbines, defined as wind systems serving local electric loads:

1)    A comprehensive model ordinance covering both distributed wind turbines up to and including 100 kW, suitable for home, farm, and small commercial applications, and those above 100 kW suitable for farm, commercial, institutional and industrial applications; and

2)    A more narrow model ordinance only covering distributed wind turbines up to and including 100 kW.

DWEA prefers more comprehensive coverage in zoning for all distributed wind turbine sizes because it increases customer choice and will facilitate appropriate wind turbine sizing. The companion document below accompanies the model ordinance for wind turbines up to and including 100 kW; DWEA is currently adapting the companion document for the more comprehensive model ordinance.



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