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SIVA Powers America

9260 Transit Rd, Suite B, E. Amherst NY 14051 Work Phone: 716-303-0199 Website:
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The basis of Siva Powers America is the SIVA 250/50 turbine, a stall‐regulated wind turbine.

The Siva team in India , with its external partners in Germany and Denmark, has optimized the basic Danish designed turbine from 2005. The optimization includes increased rotor‐swept area, dual pole induction generator for use in low and high wind speeds, new software with improved control logic, various tower models and hub heights, etc. The improved versions were simultaneously evaluated by third parties and certified by accredited certification bodies. The SIVA 250/50 turbine has the following certifications:

  • ▪ IEC 61400‐22 type certificate
  • ▪ IEC 61400‐11
  • ▪ ISO 9001:2000

Certification has been and will always a central tenet of their company philosophy, which will continue as they set up their U.S. business.

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