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XFlow Energy Company

Contact: Ian Brownstein
722 S Monroe St Seattle WA 98108 Work Phone: 617-548-9301 Website:
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XFlow Energy develops technologies to reduce the cost of renewable energy.  We design and manufacture our own wind turbines and supply other OEMs with products and services to reduce the cost of their products.

XFlow’s flagship product is our 25kW vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) which is being designed to reduce the cost of wind energy generation. XFlow Energy’s unique rotor design eliminates the structural failure modes common to VAWTs while simultaneously maintaining high efficiency and low manufacturing costs.

XFlow is also producing and licensing technologies to OEMs developing renewable energy products. This includes our patented power conversion system and XFE SCADA system.

Additionally, XFlow offers engineering consulting, prototyping, wind tunnel testing, and field testing services for renewable energy systems.

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