eFormative Options is an independently owned and operated entity that serves renewable and sustainable ventures in the US and Canada.  Founded by Heather Rhoads-Weaver, eFormative Options’ mission is to initiate community and cooperative development, enhance local economies, launch sustainable ventures, and guide future energy choices.

With a strong group of consulting associates, partnerships and service providers within the industry, eFormative Options provides high quality services, strong management, and solid administrative oversight during the formation stages and growth stages of sustainable initiatives.

The eFormative Options team has a network of long-standing relationships in the industry.  The combination of team members use their insight of the industry and draw on their experience and lessons learned with wind energy deployment programs, negotiation, and both private and non-profit management to help initiate important projects and increase the capacity of companies and organizations we support.

eFormative Options embraces a collaborative, consensus-building leadership style. Most work is conducted with a predetermined budget for a scope of work, billed in quarter-hour increments, however, project fee-based contracts are appropriate at times.

Contact: Heather Rhoads Weaver
Email: heather@eformativeoptions.com
Phone: (206) 567-5466
Address: 11824 Vashon Hwy SW Vashon WA 98070