Siva Wind

Siva range of wind turbines are the classical workhorse for utility-scale wind turbine projects. It is the result of our unique experience from more than 15 years of leading-edge design and construction of wind turbines and represents the best of the qualities for which we are known throughout the wind industry. It is an efficient and reliable machine combining a solid and conservative design approach with high-performance technical features.

The turbine ranges maximizes productivity thanks to its high-productivity design, noise reduction technology. Economical transport, Low installation costs, remote monitoring, easy servicing all keep costs as low as possible. Business case certainty is increased by the use of proven technology, robust components and redesigned systems to enhance reliability.

All components were chosen by Siva based on Load calculations and strength evaluation as per IEC 61400-1was carried out by Aerodynamik consult.Germany ,Tripod Engineering , Denmark (now COWI AS,Denmark),LAC Engineering, Denmark. Besides, a special turbine control software was programmed by Mita Teknik, Denmark.

Components used in Siva turbines are sourced from world class quality manufacturers ; namely LM Blades, ABB Generator, Kirlosker/Elecon gearbox, Rossi Italy Yaw Drives, Sevendborg Brakes, AVN Hydraulics, Rittal Panel, Mita Teknik controllers, Helukabel/LAPP cables.

The Siva 250kW to 50kW range wind turbines is suited for tough and demanding applications onshore and offshore Islands, particularly for high wind speed sites or sites with noise restrictions.

The predictable performance of Siva 250kw platform’s Siva 250/50, Siva 225/40, Siva 200/50, Siva 100 and Siva 50, turbines allows to forecast confidently, strengthening the business case investment.

Low Balance of Plant, Installation and transportation costs
All, Siva 250kw platform windturbines are easy to transport (by 2 containers, truck or barge) to virtually any site around the world in terms of weight, height and width, all components comply with local and international standard transportation limits, ensuring not to incur any unforeseen costs.

In addition, 250kw turbines can be built and maintained using tools and equipment that area standard within the installation and servicing industries – minimizing ongoing maintenance costs.

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