Meet experts and influencers face-to-face Gain insight into unlocking potential new markets Develop relationships with potential business partners Influence the future of the on-site power industry

Whether you want to learn about distributed wind or are already committed to the industry, Distributed Wind 2025 is THE annual business conference for the industry. This year marks the tenth annual event where the leaders of the distributed and community wind industry convene in Washington, DC to showcase this sector of the wind industry to an audience of policy makers, agency staff, and renewable energy industry leaders. Attend to learn from and network with a broadened audience that wants to explore the industry’s approach for creating business opportunities in the growing on-site power sector.

The Business Conference will feature exciting new topics, speakers, and networking opportunities that will help attendees understand the full potential for on-site power in America’s clean energy future. On Lobby Day, industry leaders will join forces with diverse on-site power industry members to more effectively lobby Congress on issues directly related to the future of our industry.

Who attends?

DWEA members invested in growing their business and the industry

Organizations working in renewable energy

Organizations that support the end users of distributed wind systems

Companies with financial interest in energy markets

Policy makers and influencers

Distributed generation enthusiasts

The Distributed Wind Energy Association (DWEA) is a collaborative group comprised of manufacturers, distributors, project developers, dealers, installers, and advocates, whose primary mission is to promote and foster all aspects of the American distributed wind energy industry. Distributed wind, commonly referred to as small and community wind, is the use of typically smaller wind turbines at homes, farms, businesses, and public facilities to off-set all or a portion of on-site energy consumption.

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DWEA seeks to attract members and associates from all sectors with relevant interests pertaining to the distributed wind industry.

DWEA’s Permitting and Zoning Model Ordinance       INCENTIVES – Courtesy of the North Carolina Solar Center

The fundamental goals of DWEA are to:

    • Develop a federal policy environment that supports the responsible expansion of distributed wind energy
    • Reduce or eliminate unwarranted barriers to the use of distributed wind energy
    • Provide a unified voice for all members and sectors of the distributed wind industry
    • Develop and promote industry “best practices” policies and standards that will foster the safe and effective installation and operation of distributed wind systems
    • Participate in public and consumer education

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Dive into the fundamentals of harnessing wind power on a decentralized scale. Distributed wind involves the deployment of one or a limited number of wind turbines in various settings such as homes, farms, businesses, and public facilities. These turbines serve the dual purpose of offsetting on-site energy consumption or forming small arrays strategically located near loads, a concept known as front-of-meter installations. Join us as we explore the essentials of this innovative approach to wind energy utilization.

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Congressman Earl Blumenaur

“Distributed generation and small wind can contribute to an efficient and dependable energy supply in an era of climate and economic instability. While we haven’t scratched the surface on what the Federal government could be doing, the clean energy agenda is something everyone should support.”