SMART Wind Actions Survey

Sustainable Manufacturing, Advanced Research and Technology (SMART) Wind Consortium Actions Survey

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DWEA needs your “votes” to establish industry priorities on topics for future RD&D efforts.

Please plan to spend 15-40 minutes to help prioritize actions identified by the SMART Wind Consortium to be pursued in order to meet long-term, pre-competitive industry research needs of the U.S. distributed wind turbine industry.

Click the link above to start the survey. Please submit only one response per company, organization, or Subgroup Lead. The system will allow editing, but if you’d like you can preview a PDF of all questions before responding:

Click here to download PDF for micro/residential sector (up to 20 kW)
Click here to download PDF for commercial/mid-size sector

Based on guidance from the OEM Steering Group, actions are sorted by near-term (0-3 years), mid-term (3-7 years), and long-term (7-10 years) applicability for two sectors of the distributed wind industry (micro/residential and commercial/mid-size). Actions are also grouped by the four SMART Wind Subgroups (Composites, Electrical, Mechanical, and Support Structures-Towers and Foundations) and the overall wind turbine system.

We will incorporate these results into the SMART Wind Roadmap to be published in Spring 2016. Your response to this survey is extremely valuable to fulfill DWEA’s two year Sustainable Manufacturing, Advanced Research & Technology (SMART) Wind grant from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce’s NIST AMTech program.

Thank you for sharing your time and opinion!